What Are Jig Feet Buttons? Here’s What You Should Know

Jig feet button by Monroe Engineering

When shopping for workholding solutions, you may come across jig feet buttons. They are commonly used as workholding solutions in the manufacturing industry.

Overview of Jig Feet Buttons

Also known as jig rest buttons, jig feet buttons are workholding solutions that are designed for jigs. They provide a flat and stable surface to support a jig or fixture.

Jigs, of course, are workholding solutions themselves. They are designed to secure a tool in place as the respective tool performs a specific task, such as drilling into a workpiece. Fixtures are often used in conjunction with jigs. Fixtures are devices that secure and support the workpiece. Whether you use jigs, fixtures or both of these devices, you may want to invest in jig feet as well. Jig feet can support jigs and fixtures so that workpieces are easier to manipulate.

How Jig Feet Buttons Work

Jig feet buttons are supports for jigs and fixtures. They are essentially pads that you can place underneath a jig or fixture. You can stack them to achieve a taller height. If the jig or fixture is too low, for instance, placing a stack of two or more jig feet buttons underneath it will raise the jig or fixture. Regardless, jig feet buttons are designed primarily to support jigs or fixtures by raising them off the machine with which they are used.

Jig Feet Buttons vs Tapped Jig Feet

In addition to jig feet buttons, there are tapped jig feet. Tapped jig feet are similar, but they live up to their namesake by featuring a tapped design. Tapped jig feet have a threaded hole in the center. You can connect them to a threaded bolt. Jig feet buttons, on the other hand, don’t have a threaded hole.

The center of jig feet buttons is smooth and unthreaded. There’s no threading in the center, so you can’t use them with threaded bolts. Instead, you can place them directly underneath jigs or fixtures. A jig will slide into the smooth opening of a button, thus supporting the jig. Jig feet buttons are available in different sizes, but they are all designed to support a jig or fixture.

In Conclusion

When using jigs or fixtures, you may want to use jig feet buttons. They are simple devices that can help to secure jigs or fixtures. You can stack them underneath a jig or fixture to raise the respective component off the machine.

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