Magnetic Utility Lifters: A Convenient Way to Clean Scrap Metal

Magnetic Utility Lifter by Monroe

Picking up scrap metal can be tedious. Over the course of a typical workday, businesses may produce pounds of scrap metal as a byproduct of their operations. You can always bend down to pick up scrap metal piece by piece, but a more convenient method is to use a magnetic utility lifter.

What Is a Magnetic Utility Lifter?

A magnetic utility lifter is a pole with a magnet on the bottom. As shown in the adjacent photo, there’s a handle at the top. You can hold the magnetic utility lifter by the handle, and after positioning it over a piece of scrap metal, you can activate it.

Common features of magnetic utility lifters include the following:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Built-in magnet
  • On/off locking handle
  • Long length (typically over 2 feet)

How a Magnetic Utility Lifter Works

Magnetic utility lifters feature a switchable magnet that you can use to pick up pieces of scrap metal. Turning the handle will activate the magnet on the opposite end. Once activated, the magnetic utility lifter will attract pieces of ferromagnetic scrap metal. You can move the magnetic utility lifter over a storage container, at which point you can turn the handle in the opposite direction.

Turning the handle in the opposite direction will deactivate the magnet. The magnet on the bottom of the magnetic utility lifter will stop generating a magnetic field, thereby releasing the scrap metal into the storage container.

Why You Should Use a Magnetic Utility Lifter

Constantly bending over to pick up scrap metal isn’t just tedious; it’s a safety hazard. You may develop a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) that manifests in the form of back pain. As you bend your back, you’ll expose your spinal column to stress while placing you at risk for MSDs. A magnetic utility lifter, though, will allow you to pick up and remove scrap metal without bending your back.

You can walk around your workplace to clean scrap metal without ever bending your back. Just move the magnetic utility lifter over the pieces of scrap metal and turn the handle. With a magnetic utility lifter, you won’t expose your back to unnecessary stress, so you’ll be better protected from MSDs.

A magnetic utility lifter can make you more productive. It offers a faster and more efficient way to pick up scrap metal. As a result, you can spend more time on essential tasks and less time cleaning up your workplace.

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