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  • What Are Dowel Pins Used For?

    What Are Dowel Pins Used For?0

    Dowel pins are one of the simplest types of fasteners on the market. They consist of cylindrical-shaped pieces of solid material that are used to join — or in some cases align — multiple parts. You can find them in different materials. Some dowel pins are made of real wool, whereas others are made of

  • What Is a Retractable Plunger?

    What Is a Retractable Plunger?0

    Have you heard of retractable plungers? Like all plungers, they are commonly used for workpiece positioning applications. To position a workpiece, you can use a plunger. While all plungers are used for this purpose, retractable plungers feature a unique design that distinguishes them from other types of plungers. Overview of Retractable Plungers Also known as

  • What Is a Recessed Handle Quick Release Pin?

    What Is a Recessed Handle Quick Release Pin?0

    Quick release pins are used extensively in the manufacturing industry. You can typically find them in a variety of manufacturing machines and equipment. They are known as “quick release pins” because they allow you to quickly and easily release the parts with which they are used. There are different types of quick release pins, however,


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