Double-Acting Quick Release Pins: What You Should Know

Double-acting pin by Monroe

Quick release pins are available in a variety of styles, one of which is double-acting. They look like most other quick release pins. Double-acting quick release pins feature one or more pairs of ball detents. Using these ball detents, they will temporarily lock into the machines or equipment in which they are placed. Here’s everything you need to know about double-acting quick release pins.

What Are Double-Acting Quick Release Pins

Also known as double-action quick release pins, double-acting quick release pins are characterized by their dual-release design. You can release them by either pulling or pushing the handle.

Most other styles of quick release pins are single-acting. Some of them require pulling, whereas others require pushing. Regardless, there’s typically only one method to release them from the machines or equipment with which they are used. Double-acting quick release pins are different in the sense that they support two release methods.

With their dual-release design, double-acting quick release pins are easy to use. They allow for rapid assembly and disassembly. You can quickly insert and release them, and because of their easy-to-use design, they can have a positive impact on your productivity levels in the workplace.

How Double-Acting Quick Release Pins Work

You might be wondering how double-acting quick release pins work exactly Double-acting quick release pins feature the following parts:

  • Handle
  • Pin body or “shank”
  • Locking mechanism
  • Ball detents

You can insert a double-acting quick release pin simply by inserting it into a machine or piece of equipment. Ball detents are stainless steel locking balls. As you insert the double-acting quick release pin into the machine’s or equipment’s hole, the ball detents will recede into the shank. Once fully inserted, the ball detents will pop back out to their original position while subsequently locking the quick release pin in place.

To remove the double-acting quick release pin, you can either pull or push the handle. Pulling or pushing the handle to disengage the locking mechanism. The ball detents will become unlocked, at which point you can pull the double-acting quick release pin out of the machine or equipment.

Some double-acting quick release pins also come with a drive out feature. This optional feature is designed for pins under a slight shear load.

In Conclusion

Not all quick release pins are single-acting. You can find them in double-acting styles as well. Double-acting quick release pins look like traditional single-acting pins, but they can be released by either pulling or pushing the handle.

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