How to Choose a Spinner Knob

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Spinner knobs offer an effective and ergonomic way to adjust machines. They don’t require any special tools or components to use. Once connected to a machine, you can turn the spinner knob to make adjustments. Turning it will engage the machine, thus allowing you to make torque adjustments. Here’s how to choose a choose the right spinner knob for your adjustment application.

Insert Material

What is the insert made of? Most spinner knobs feature a threaded bolt-like insert. You can connect them to machines by twisting them into a threaded hole. The material from which these inserts are made, however, may vary. Some spinner knobs feature a carbon steel insert, whereas others feature a stainless steel or zinc-plated steel insert.

Outer Knob Material

You should also consider the outer knob material when choosing a spinner knob. The outer knob is the round, bulb-like part that you grab and turn. With its round shape, it’s typically made of a softer material than the insert. The outer knob may be made of thermoplastic or technopolymer, for instance. While soft, materials such as these are also durable.

Outer Knob Color

You can find outer knobs in different colors. Not surprisingly, black is a popular choice. Black spinner knobs are sleek, modern and integrate easily into most workplaces and environments where they are used. But spinner knobs are available with different outer knob colors, including gray, red and yellow. If you’re planning to buy a spinner knob, you should choose a color that flows cohesively with the surrounding environment.

Thread Size

Don’t forget to consider the thread size when choosing a spinner knob. As previously mentioned, most spinner knobs feature a threaded insert. But like with bolts, the size of these threaded inserts may vary. You’ll need to choose a spinner knob in a thread size that matches the machine with which you intend to use it. If the threaded insert is too big or too small, you won’t be able to connect it to the machine.

Common thread sizes for spinner knobs include the following:

  • M6 x1.00
  • M8 x1.25
  • M10 x1.50
  • M12 x1.75

Shaft Length

Don’t forget to consider the length of the shaft as well. Some spinner knobs are longer than others. They feature a longer shaft that extends farther out from the machine. Shaft lengths can range from 15 millimeters to 30 millimeters.

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