Bent Hitch Pins: A Simple and Effective Fastening Solution

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Are you looking for a fastening solution for an axle? You may want to choose a bent hitch pin. Also known as hitch lunches and linchpins, bent hitch pins offer a simple and effective fastening solution.

The Basics of Bent Hitch Pins

Bent hitch pins are metal fasteners with a fork-like design consisting of two prongs. One of the prongs is straight, whereas the other prong is curved or “bent.”

You can use bent hitch pins to fasten parts to axles. They are commonly used with wheels, for instance. After placing a wheel on an axle, you can slide a bent hitch pin through an opening at the end of the axle. As long as the bent hitch pin stays in the hole, the wheel won’t fall off the axle.

How Bent Hitch Pins Work

Bent hitch pins are designed for use in predrilled or precut holes — specifically those in an axle. You can install a bent hitch pin by sliding the straight prong into the hole while keeping the curved prong outside of the hole. The curved prong will flex during installation, allowing it to squeeze over the hole.

Why Use Bent Hitch Pins

There are other fastening solutions available for wheels and axles, but bent hitch pins offer several advantages. For starters, they are easy to install. You don’t need any special tools. As long as you have a bent hitch pin the right size, you can slide the straight prong into the hole, thereby securing the wheel on the axle.

Bent hitch pins are temporary fasteners. You can remove them by bending the curved prong and sliding them out of the hole. The curved prong will flex. As it flexes, you can pull the bent hitch pin out of the hole and off the axle.

While small in size, bent hitch pins are strong and durable. Most of them are made of steel, with low-carbon steel being a common material from which they are made. Bent hitch pins may also feature a protective finish. Some of them have a yellow zinc finish, whereas others have a vinyl-coated finish. Regardless, bent hitch pins are strong and durable, which allows them to withstand harsh environments without failing.

In Conclusion

Bent hitch pins are fastening clips that are used to secure a wheel or object on an axle. They are known as “bent hitch pins” because they are bent. They feature two prongs, one of which is curved or bent.

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