What Are Threaded Stud Pull Handles?

Threaded stud pull handle by Monroe Engineering

Pull handles are available in a variety of different styles. There are weld-on pull handles, for instance, that are require welding to install. You can fuse the ends of a weld-on pull handle to the surface of a metal door or surface. There are also threaded stud pull handles. While threaded stud pull handles may look like most other styles of pull handles, they feature a unique design. What are threaded stud pull handles exactly?

Threaded Stud Pull Handles Defined

Threaded stud pull handles are characterized by the use of exterior threading on the ends. The ends aren’t smooth. Rather, they feature threading — similar to the threading of a bolt or screw.

You can find threaded stud pull handles in different sizes, materials and even shapes. Regardless, they all have exterior threading on the ends. Each end essentially has a threaded stud. Other styles of pull handles lack these threaded studs.

Threaded studs are cylindrical rods that feature external threading. Threaded stud pull handles feature two threaded studs: one on each end.

Benefits of Threaded Stud Pull Handles

With their exterior threading, threaded stud pull handles are easy to install. You don’t have to weld them, nor do you have to use other time-consuming or laborious methods to install them. You can install threaded stud pull handles by inserting the ends into a pair of precut holes, followed by securing the ends with a hex nut.

Threaded stud pull handles are designed to support a hex nut. After inserting the ends into a pair of holes in an object, you can twist a hex nut onto each end. The hex nuts will hold the threaded stud pull handle in place.

You can easily remove threaded stud pull handles. If you only need to use a pull handle for a short period, you may want to choose a threaded stud pull handle for this reason. To remove a threaded stud pull handle, you just need to take off the hex nuts. Taking off the hex nuts will allow you to pull the threaded stud pull handle out of the object.

In Conclusion

Threaded stud pull handles are exactly what they sound like: pull handles that feature threaded studs. Each end has a threaded stud. With their external threaded, you can twist a hex nut onto them. Hex nuts make it easy to install, as well as remove, threaded stud pull handles.

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