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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Lever Arm

Lever arms are commonly used to control machines. Also known as lever handles, they support a variety of machine-related applications. You can use them to start and stop machines, change the gears, make adjustments and more. If you’re going to … Read More

Swing Handles: A Convenient Alternative to Pull Handles

Not all handles are the same. In addition to traditional pull handles, there are swing handles. Swing handles still require a pulling force to open the doors or objects with which they are used, but they feature a different design … Read More

7 Common Types of Industrial Handles

Industrial handles are commonly used to control machines and equipment in the workplace. You can grip and turn an industrial handle to engage the machine or equipment to which it’s connected. Some of the most common types of industrial handles … Read More

What Are Threaded Stud Pull Handles?

Pull handles are available in a variety of different styles. There are weld-on pull handles, for instance, that are require welding to install. You can fuse the ends of a weld-on pull handle to the surface of a metal door … Read More

The Germ-Killing Power of Antimicrobial Pull Handles

Handles are a common source of germs in workplaces. Whether attached to a door, gate, machine or any object, workers must touch them. Pull handles, for instance, require a manual pulling force. As workers continue to pull them, they’ll accumulate … Read More

How to Choose Handle Sleeves

You don’t have to buy new handles for machines, equipment or workpieces. While replacing the existing handles with new handles is always an option, another idea is to choose handle sleeves. Handle sleeves are designed for use with existing handles. … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Fold-Down Crank Handles

Crank handles are available in different styles. While most of them feature a fixed lever, some of them have a collapsable lever. Fold-down crank handles fall under the latter category. They are used to control machinery and equipment just like … Read More

5 Common Types of T-Handles: What You Should Know

For an ergonomic control mechanism, look no further than T-handles. They feature a T-shaped design that’s natural and easy to use. You can grip the top of a T-handle, and then you can turn it to engage the machine to … Read More