The Beginner’s Guide to Speed Ball Handles

Speed ball handle

Industrial handles play an important role in many types of machines and commercial equipment. These hardware components allow human operators to control the machines and equipment with which they are used. Not all industrial handles are the same, however. In addition to plastic handles, for example, there are speed ball handles.

What Are Speed Ball Handles?

Speed ball handles are heavy-duty, high-quality industrial handles. Also known simply as speed handles, they are characterized by a cast iron construction. While available in different styles (see below), all speed ball handles are made of ductile iron castings.

Common Styles of Speed Ball Handles

You can find speed ball handles in different styles, such as single-ball and double-ball. Single-ball styles, as the name suggests, have a single ball, whereas double-ball styles have two balls.

Each ball functions as a handle. You can use a speed ball handle by gripping a ball with your hand and turning it. As you turn the ball, the speed ball handle will turn, thereby engaging the machine or equipment to which it’s connected. Some people prefer single-ball speed handles. Others prefer double-ball speed handles. Regardless, you can find speed ball handles with one or two balls.

You can also find speed ball handles with a blank, tapped or reamed hole. Speed ball handles are typically connected to machines and equipment via a threaded rod. Therefore, they are designed with a hole. During production, though, the hole may be left blank, or it may be tapped or reamed.

Why Choose a Speed Ball Handle

A speed ball handle is an excellent choice for high-torque applications. Some machines and equipment require more torque than others. If you apply too much force using a traditional plastic handle, you may accidentally break the handle. This isn’t a concern with speed ball handles. Thanks to their cast iron construction, they can withstand high torque while subsequently allowing you to control the machines and equipment to which they are connected.

Speed ball handles are long-lasting. You don’t have to worry about them wearing down or degrading prematurely. On the contrary, they will last for many years while showing little or no signs of wear. This makes them a smart investment for businesses that require heavy-duty industrial handles to control their machines and equipment.

Speed ball handles have excellent vibration dampening properties. Industrial machines and equipment, of course, often vibrate. These vibrations can make it difficult to grab and turn a traditional handle. But speed ball handles are able to dampen vibrations to provide a more ergonomic and comfortable turning operation.

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