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  • What Is Swaging in the Manufacturing Industry?

    What Is Swaging in the Manufacturing Industry?0

    Manufacturing companies often rely on the use of compressive forces to manipulate the size and shape of workpieces. There are many different forging processes used in the manufacturing industry, however, one of which is swaging. A type of cold-working forging process, swaging has been around for centuries. And while faster and more efficient forging processes

  • Steel vs Aluminum vs Brass Sheet Metal: What’s the Difference?

    Steel vs Aluminum vs Brass Sheet Metal: What’s the Difference?0

    Consisting of flat sheets of metal — typically hot or cold rolled — sheet metal is used extensively in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies cut and reshape it to build various products. There are three primary types of sheet metal, however, including steel, aluminum and brass. While they all offer a strong base material for

  • What Is a Radial Arm Saw?

    What Is a Radial Arm Saw?0

    Woodworking processes often require the use of machines to cut and manipulate wooden workpieces. In the past, radial arm saws were a popular choice among carpentry workers. As shown in the image to the left, it features a circular blade affixed to a handle. Using a radial arm saw, carpenters can easily cut and shape

  • Common Mistakes to Avoid when Resourcing Fabricated Metal Products

    Common Mistakes to Avoid when Resourcing Fabricated Metal Products0

    It finally happens. A broken supply chain, a non performing vendor, a price increase, and the directive comes down to find a new supplier. The first instinct is to gather up the prints and go shopping, but there is a lot more to doing it with success.  The first and most important step is to

  • What Is Metal Injection Molding?

    What Is Metal Injection Molding?0

    From wrenches and cutting bits to eyeglass hinges and telephone plugs, metal injection molding is used to create a wide range of products. A form of injection molding, it involves filling a mold cavity with raw material. Metal injection molding is essentially a variation of plastic injection molding. Rather than creating plastic objects, though, it’s

  • Will Covid-19 Kill Kanban?

    Will Covid-19 Kill Kanban?0

    Most Americans are not familiar with the business model that delivers their groceries. In fact, “supermarkets” were the source for most of the good practices that have evolved into “just in time manufacturing”. The term “Kanban” evolved from grocery stores to also define the process by which manufacturers only bought components “as needed” or “just

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