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  • Exploring Common Machining Operations

    Exploring Common Machining Operations0

    Machining is a fundamental part of the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies use machining operations to change the shape, dimensions and properties of raw materials, essentially preparing them for use in the final product. Machining is widely used on metal products, though it can also be used on wood, ceramic, composite and plastic materials. To better

  • What is Brass? Get the Scoop on This Popular Metal Alloy

    What is Brass? Get the Scoop on This Popular Metal Alloy0

    Identified by its characteristic dark-gold color, brass is a metal alloy consisting of copper and zinc. It’s often preferred over other metal alloys for its color, which is why doorknobs are often made of brass. However, brass is used in many other applications as well, such as bearings, gears, locks, valves, fittings, musical instruments and

  • Things to Consider When Choosing Self-Tapping Screws

    Things to Consider When Choosing Self-Tapping Screws0

    Self-tapping screws work by drilling its own hole into the material. They essentially eliminate the need for a “pilot” hole, as they feature a gap in the continuity of the thread. This differs from a traditional machine screw, which cannot drill its own hole. Self-tapping screws are commonly used in applications that require access to