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  • What Is Water Jet Cutting?

    What Is Water Jet Cutting?0

    There are other ways to cut metal besides using a shear blade. Water jets cutting, for example, refers to the use of a specialized tool that blasts metal — or other hard materials — with a stream of high-pressurized water. Whether it’s aluminum, copper or steel, most metals can be cut using this method. Origins

  • 5 Fast Facts About Water Jet Cutting

    5 Fast Facts About Water Jet Cutting0

    Not all cutting processes involve the application of a sharp cutting tool or blade to selectively remove sections of a workpiece. Water jet cutting, for example, relies on a controlled stream of pressurized water. When applied to a workpiece, the pressurized water literally blasts away sections of material. It’s a highly effective and precise cutting

  • Exploring the Different Laser Cutting Processes

    Exploring the Different Laser Cutting Processes0

    Invented in the mid-1960s, laser cutting is a type of material cutting process that involves the use of hot, high-powered lasers to cut through metal or other materials with extreme precision. The term “laser” stands for ” Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation,” which essentially means light with radiation. Laser cutting can be performed

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