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  • 5 Fast Facts About Water Jet Cutting

    5 Fast Facts About Water Jet Cutting0

    Not all cutting processes involve the application of a sharp cutting tool or blade to selectively remove sections of a workpiece. Water jet cutting, for example, relies on a controlled stream of pressurized water. When applied to a workpiece, the pressurized water literally blasts away sections of material. It’s a highly effective and precise cutting

  • Exploring the Different Laser Cutting Processes

    Exploring the Different Laser Cutting Processes0

    Invented in the mid-1960s, laser cutting is a type of material cutting process that involves the use of hot, high-powered lasers to cut through metal or other materials with extreme precision. The term “laser” stands for ” Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation,” which essentially means light with radiation. Laser cutting can be performed

  • Exploring the 3 Processes of Metal Fabrication

    Exploring the 3 Processes of Metal Fabrication0

    Metal fabrication is an important industry in the United States that employs an estimated 1.42 million American workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It involves cutting, manipulating and assembling metal materials to produce metal structures. Among other things, metal fabrication is used to make automotive frames, building panels, roofs, fuselage panels for

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