6 Features to Look for When Choosing a Shop Desk

Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, it can probably benefit from a shop desk. Also known as a receiving desk, it functions as a workstation. You can use a shop desk to organize and sign documents, prepare mail, process customer payments and more. Here are six features to look for when choosing a shop desk.

#1) Comfortable Writing Height

You should choose a shop desk that allows you to write comfortably while standing. If it’s too short, you may have to bend over when writing, which can lead to back pain. If it’s too tall, you may not be able to reach the shop desk’s surface. Most shop desks are designed for use while standing, but you should still consider the height and whether it will provide you with a natural and comfortable writing experience.

#2) Wheels

Wheels are an essential feature to look for when choosing a shop desk. There are stationary shop desks, and there are mobile shop desks, the latter of which have wheels. As shown in the photo above, mobile shop desks feature a wheel attached to the bottom of each leg. With these legs, you can easily roll mobile shop desks to move them.

#3) Brakes

If you’re going to choose a shop desk with wheels, you should make sure it has brakes. Brakes will allow you to immobilize the wheels. You probably don’t want your shop desk rolling away. Assuming you use it in your business’s workplace, a runaway shop desk may damage nearby equipment or machinery. By engaging the wheel brakes, though, this isn’t a concern.

#4) Stable Writing Surface

Something else to look for in a shop desk is a stable writing surface. Most shop desks have a slightly angled top surface so that you can write on them while standing. You may discover a protrusion or “lip” at the bottom of this surface. This lip is designed to prevent your documents from falling off the shop desk. Regardless, you should make sure the writing surface is stable and secure.

#5) Drawer

Another feature to look for when choosing a shop desk is a drawer. Drawers, of course, are pull-out storage compartments. They are typically connected to slides that, as the name suggests, allow them to slide in and out of furniture like desks.

#6) Lock

You’ll probably want to choose a shop desk with a lock. A lock, such as a keyed lock, will protect the contents from theft and tampering. Since they are typically used in commercial settings, most shop desks come with a lock. After placing sensitive documents, cash or other valuables inside of them, you can lock them.

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