Preparing Your Patio For The Spring Season

5268080572_e21954bb20_bthumbWith spring just weeks away, homeowners everywhere are scrambling to redecorate their homes with cosmetic changes to prepare for the new season. Spring is all about a colorful revival of new life, and your home’s appearance should reflect this concept. Perhaps the most influential area of the home is the porch, since this is the first thing guests will see when they approach your house. You can use this to your advantage by decorating it with spring-inspired elements and furnishings; here’s how:

Choosing The Colors

As previously stated, one of the most notable elements of the Spring season is color. When the season approaches, you’ll see plants, flowers and trees blooming across the landscape that are full of color. Some of them may have pure white pedals, while others may have pink, red, blue or purple. The trick to creating the perfect spring-inspired patio is to use colors that you would find in vegetation growing during the season. As the old saying goes – out with the old and in with the new – holds true when decorating a patio. Get rid of any old neutral colors you have and replace with more colorful pieces.

If you are having trouble coming up with spring colors, take look at some nearby flower beds. Although it’s not “technically” spring yet (we’re about a week away), there are many colorful plants that have already begun blossoming. You can gain some inspiration simply by keeping your eyes peeled for these colorful plants.

Clean It Up!

Part of the spring cleaning process should involve cleaning up the exterior of your home as well as interior. I know most homeowners and families simply focus on the bedrooms with spring cleaning, but you can’t forget about the porch, patio and any other areas outside your home. If you have boxes or old furniture stacked up, perhaps you can find a more permanent storage solution for them.

An even better option would be to donate them at a local Goodwill or some other donation center. I know it’s hard to give away certain items that you’ve had for years or even decades, but there comes a time when you simply no longer need it. Besides, you’ll most likely get a tax write-off from donations old furnishings you no longer want or need.

You should now have a clean slate to start decorating your patio with. As previously stated, the key to creating an attractive spring-inspired patio is to keep it colorful, fun and vibrant. The image below is a prime example of colorful elements used in a patio.

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