5 Things to Consider When Choosing Wing Knobs

Wing knob by Monroe Engineering

Wing knobs offer a simple and ergonomic fastening solution for machinery, furniture and other objects. They are known as “wing knobs” because they have a wing-like gripping surface. Like wing nuts, wing knobs are affixed with a perpendicular gripping surface on the top. To tighten or loosen a wing knob, you grip the top and turn it. If you’re thinking about buying wing knobs, you should consider the five following things.

#1) Materials

Wing knobs are available in different materials. Most of them, in fact, are made of at least two materials. Wing knobs typically feature a metal or alloy insert — the threaded shaft — as well as a plastic or polymer top. Regardless of how you intend to use them, you should consider the materials from which they are made.

#2) Finish

Something else to consider when choosing wing knobs is the finish. The finish refects to the protective coating that’s applied to the exterior of a wing knob. Many wing knobs feature some type of protective finish. It helps to shield the wing knob’s underlying materials from environmental damage. At the same time, many finishes consist of a textured surface that increases the wing knob’s surface area so that it’s easier to grip and turn.

#3) Cap Removal

You should consider the way in which the caps are removed when choosing wing knobs. The cap is the gripping surface or handle. While some wing knobs have a fixed cap, many of them have a removable cap. For those with a removable cap, check to see how the cap is removed. You may need to use a screwdriver to remove the cap. Placing a screwdriver into the top of the wing knob and turning it will often remove the cap.

#4) Cap Shape

When choosing wing knobs, you should consider the shape of the cap. All wing knobs have a cap. The shape of the cap, however, can vary. Some of them have a T-shaped cap consisting of a perpendicular handle affixed to the top. Other wing knobs have an oval-shaped cap featuring a rounder shape. You can also find wing knobs with an ergonomically shaped “butterfly” cap.

#5) Tapped vs Stud

Wing knobs are available in two primary styles: tapped and stud. Tapped wing knubs are those that feature interior threaded, whereas stud wing knobs are those that feature exterior threading around a shaft. You’ll need to choose the right type of wing knbobs for your application.