How to Choose Fine Screw Adjusters

Fine screw adjusters by Monroe

Fine screw adjusters offer a convenient alternative to reduction-geared adjusters. Consisting of small rods with a high threads per inch (TPI) count, you can use them to fine-tune machines and equipment. Fine screw adjusters make it easy to perform adjustments thanks to their small size and simple design. Here’s how to choose fine screw adjusters.

Stick With a Strong Material

Like with other types of threaded rods, fine screw adjusters are available in different materials. You should stick with a strong material to protect them from premature damage.

Stainless steel and carbon steel are commonly used to make fine screw adjusters. As iron alloys, they are both strong materials consisting primarily of iron. Carbon steel is slightly stronger, whereas stainless steel offers greater protection against corrosion. Regardless, you should choose fine screw adjusters made of a strong material.

Choose an Appropriate Thread Size

The thread size matters when shopping for fine screw adjusters. Fine screw adjusters must feature a thread size that matches the machines or equipment with which they are used.

Some fine screw adjusters have a thread size of 3/16-100, whereas others have a thread size of 1/4-80. A thread size of 3/16-100 means the threads are 3/16 of an inch in diameter, and the TPI is 100. These thread sizes essentially reveal both the diameter of the threads and the TPI.

Check the Length

You should check the length when shopping for fine screw adjusters. They all consist of threaded rods with highly precise threads, but some fine screw adjusters are longer than others.

There are fine screw adjusters that measure less than a half-inch, and there are fine screw adjusters that measure 2 or more inches long. Regardless of how you intend to use them, you should check the size when choosing fine screw adjusters.


You may want to choose fine screw adjusters with bushings. Bushings aren’t always necessary, but they can still prove useful for certain applications.

Bushings are vibration isolations. They are designed to isolate parts while simultaneously dampening vibrations between the parts with which they are used. You can order fine screw adjusters with or without bushings.

In Conclusion

If you’re going to buy fine screw adjusters, you should choose the right type Make sure the fine screw adjusters are made of a strong material and feature threads in the right size. Additionally, you should check the length and determine whether or not you need bushings to dampen vibrations.

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