5 Benefits of Powder Coating

From motorcycle and bicycle frames to musical instruments, cookware and more, countless products are manufactured with a powder-coated exterior. Powder coating is a finishing process that involves the deposition of dry particulate matter (powder) onto the surface of an object or workpiece. The powder is then exposed to heat to induce curing. Once set, the powder creates a hard and protective shell over the surface of the object or workpiece. So, what benefits does powder coating offer?

#1) Fewer VOCs

When compared to other coating processes, powder coating produces fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The problem with liquid-based coating processes is that they release large amounts of harmful chemicals into the surrounding air. Known as VOCs, these chemicals are bad for the environment and bad for workers’ health. Powder coating doesn’t require liquid adhesives or solvents, so it produces significantly fewer VOCs.

#2) Uniform Thickness

Another benefit of powder coating is uniform thickness. In other words, it’s able to create a protective shell over an object or workpiece with the same thickness throughout. Spray painting is an alternative coating process. But with spray painting, some areas of the object or workpiece may receive more paint than others. A worker may apply too much paint to a particular area, or the paint may simply drip down onto an area. Regardless, spray painting can result in some areas of the object or workpiece receiving more paint than others. Powder coating solves this problem by evenly distributing the powder particles and, thus, achieving a uniform thickness.

#3) Fast Curing

Many manufacturing companies prefer powder coating over other coating processes because of its exceptionally fast curing times. It can take over 24 hours for spray to paint to dry. Powder coating, however, cures in just a fraction of this time. With faster curing, it’s a more desirable coating process among manufacturing companies.

#4) Superior Protection

Perhaps the greatest benefit of powder coating is the superior level of protection it offers. Powder coating generally greater a thicker and more solid protective shell than other coating processes. As a result, it offers greater protection for the underlying object or workpiece.

#5) Easy to Perform

Although it sounds somewhat complex, powder coating is both safe and easy to perform. It involves a simple three-step process. First, the object or workpiece is pre-treated. Next, a worker uses a spray gun to apply the powder. The third and final step is waiting for the powder to cure.

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