Plunger vs T-Style Door Holders: What’s the Difference?

Plunger door holder by Monroe

You won’t always have a free hand when walking through doors. Maybe you’re carrying a heavy box, or perhaps you’re helping a coworker or colleague carry a machine. Regardless, you may have both of your hands full. Rather than trying to keep the door propped open with a random object, however, you can use a door holder, such as a plunger or T-style door handle.

What Is a Plunger Door Holder?

A plunger door holder is a two-piece set that’s designed to temporarily hold doors open. As shown in the photo above, it features a rod-shaped plunger and a matching socket.

Plunger door holders are simple and easy to use. You just need to install the plunger on the back of the door and the socket directly behind the door on the adjacent wall. When you push the door open, the plunger should slide into the socket.

What Is a T-Style Door Holder?

A T-style door holder is an alternative type of door holder that’s characterized by the use of a T-shaped bracket. It features a T-shaped arm and a square or rectangular holder.

You can use a T-style door holder by pulling out the T-shaped arm and sliding it into the rectangular holder. Once in place, the T-style door holder will prop the door open.

Differences Between Plunger and T-Style Door Holders

You might be wondering whether to choose a plunger or T-style door holder. They are both designed to hold doors open, and they both consist of two separate parts: one part is installed on the back of the door itself, whereas the other part is installed on the wall behind the door. However, there are nuances between plunger and T-style door holders.

T-style door holders typically offer a higher level of security than their plunger counterparts. In other words, they are less likely to accidentally release doors when holding them open. As long as the T-shaped arm is placed in the holder, the door will remain open. You’ll have to pull the arm out of the holder to close the door.

Plunger door holders don’t have a bracket. Instead, they have a plunger and socket combination. If you pull the door with enough force, the plunger will come out of the socket, thereby closing the door.

Most people will agree that plunger door holders are easier to use than T-style door holders. You don’t have to manually connect or “set” them. To keep a door with a plunger door holder, you just need to push the door open. The plunger will then slide into the socket, at which point the door will remain open.