The Beginner’s Guide to Plunger-Style Door Holders

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Door holders are available in different styles. There are T-style door holders, for instance, as well as plunger-style door holders. You can use either of them to hold doors open. T-style door holders live up to their namesake by featuring a T-shaped hook. Plunger-door holders, on the other hand, feature a different design that involves the use of a plunger.

What Is a Plunger-Style Door Holder?

A plunger-style door holder is a plunger device that’s designed to temporarily hold doors open. Most doors are connected with a set of traditional hinges. Hinges will connect doors to a frame so that they can swing open. With a plunger-style door holder, you can hold a door open.

Without a plunger-style door holder — or any other type of door holder — doors may swing closed. The hinges to which a door is attached may automatically pull it shut. Even if the hinges allow a door to swing freely, the door may shut from air circulation. You can prevent this from happening by using a plunger-style door holder.

The Parts of a Plunger-Style Door Holder?

Most plunger-style door holders consist of two parts: a socket and plunger. Sockets are round parts with an opening in the center, whereas plungers are rod-shaped parts that are designed to fit into the opening of a socket.

How Plunger-Style Door Holders Work

To hold a door open, you just need to push it open all the way. Assuming the plunger is aligned with the socket, the door will stay open. When opened all the way, the plunger on the back of the door will work its way into the center of the socket. You can then close the door simply by pulling it. Pulling the door will force the plunger out of the socket.

Benefits of Plunger-Style Door Holders

Plunger-style door holders offer several benefits. They are easy to install. You can install a plunger-style door holder using a set of screws. You’ll need to screw the plunger to the back of the door, and you’ll need to screw the socket to the back of the wall directly behind the door.

Plunger-style door holders are long-lasting. Both the plungers and sockets are available in stainless steel. Stainless steel, of course, is strong, durable and resistant to corrosion. The sockets used in plunger-style door holders are also equipped with an insert. An insert is a soft, ring-shaped piece of material.

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