5 Tips on How to Maintain Casters

Casters by Monroe Engineering

Casters make it easy to move machines, workholding benches, tables and other objects. You can install a set of casters on the bottom of an object, after which you can roll it to a different area. Casters, however, require maintenance. Failure to maintain your casters may result in degradation that negatively affects their performance. You can keep your casters rolling smoothly by following these five maintenance tips.

#1) Clean the Floor

Don’t forget to clean the floor on which you use the casters. Casters will inevitably pick up dirt and debris from the floor. As you roll them across the floor, your casters may become dirty. Cleaning the floor will reduce the amount of debris and debris that they pick up from the floor. Whether you use them in a factory, a warehouse or other environment, you should clean the floor to prolong the life of your casters.

#2) Tighten Fasteners

Tightening the fasteners on your casters can make them last longer. While there are several different types of casters, most of them are constructed with fasteners. Over time, these fasteners may become loose, which can cause the wheels to wobble. Fortunately, you can tighten the fasteners to prevent this from happening. Using a screwdriver or socket wrench, tighten all of the accessible fasteners on your casters.

#3) Dislodge Debris

Another maintenance tip is to dislodge debris from your casters. As previously mentioned, casters will pick up debris from the floor. Cleaning the floor on a regular basis can help to reduce the amount of debris that they pick up. Nonetheless, you’ll still need to clean your casters. You can dislodge dirt, dust and other debris that’s stuck inside your casters by spraying with canned air. A few blasts of canned air should dislodge most debris while leaving your casters cleaning and better protected from damage.

#4) Lubricate

Casters require lubrication to roll smoothly. While they are usually lubricated when initially manufactured, it won’t last forever. Lubrication will dry out and evaporate. For longer-lasting casters, you’ll need to reapply lubrication. You can spray a lubricant around the wheels of your casters to keep them rolling smoothly.

#5) Inspect Swivel Joint

If you have swivel casters, you should inspect the swivel joint to ensure it works as intended. Swivel casters are those that are capable of swiveling in a full 360 degrees. They feature a swivel joint to which the wheels are attached. If the swivel joint is damaged or degraded, though, they won’t be able to perform this swiveling action. To maintain your swivel casters, you should inspect the swivel joint for signs of premature wear and tear.

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