6 Facts About Nail Guns

Also known as a nailer, a nail gun is a handheld power tool that’s designed to drive nails into an object or workpiece. They are typically powered by either compressed air, flammable gas or electromagnetism. Rather than relying on a traditional hammer, a worker can use a nail gun to quickly and conveniently install nails. Even if you’re familiar with nail guns, though, you might be surprised to learn the following facts about them.

#1) Nailguns Emerged During the 1950s

The first nailguns began to appear in the 1950s, during which they were sold to construction companies for flooring-related applications. According to Wikipedia, these early model nailguns were capable of driving 40 to 60 nails per minute, and they had a total capacity of about 400 to 600 nails.

#2) Some Nailguns Are Powered By Explosives

No, that’s not a typo. Some nailguns are actually powered by explosives. Known as power-actuated nailguns, they contain flammable gas that, during operation, creates a controlled explosion to drive the nails into the respective object or workpiece with which they are used.

#3) Some Nailguns Operate With ‘Bounces’

When using a nailgun for the first time, you may assume that pulling the trigger will release a nail. While some nailguns use this mechanism to release nails, others operate with bounces. In other words, you must “bounce” the nailgun on the object or workpiece to release a nail — all while holding down the trigger. The nailgun will identify the bounce, at which point it will respond by releasing a nail.

#4) Nailguns Require Specific Types of Nails

You can’t use just any type of nails in a nailgun. Most nailguns only work with one more specific types of nails. Using the wrong nails in a nailgun could lead to damage as well as bodily injury. Therefore, you should read the owner’s manual to determine exactly what type of nails are supported by your nailgun.

#5) Pneumatic Nail Guns Are the Most Common

Although there are several types of nailguns, pneumatic are the most common. A pneumatic nailgun is a type of nailgun that uses compressed air to drive nails. It features a tank of compressed air that propels the nail forward and into the object or workpiece with which it’s used.

#6) Safety Is Paramount

While nailguns offer an easier, as well as faster, way to drive nails into objects and workpieces, they are often responsible for physical injuries. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 42,000 U.S. adults sustain a nailgun-related injury that requires emergency room treatment each year in the United States.

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