How to Choose the Right Mini-Wing Knob

Mini-wing knob by Monroe

When shopping for industrial knobs, you may come across mini-wing knobs. They feature a winged design consisting of two notches or “wings” on the sides. Mini-wing knobs, however, are smaller and more compact than traditional wing knobs. With their small size, you can use them in small spaces. But you’ll still need to choose the right mini-wing knob for your torque-tightening application.

Tapped vs Stud

Mini-wing knobs can be classified as tapped or stud depending on their mounting requirements. Tapped mini-wing knobs require mounting on a threaded stud, whereas stud mini-wing knobs require mounting on a threaded hole.

The photo above depicts a tapped mini-wing knob. It featured a threaded hole, which supports a threaded rod like a bolt. You can choose either tapped or stud mini-wing knobs, but they need to match the part with which you intend to use them. For parts with a threaded hole, choose a tapped mini-wing knob. For parts with a threaded rod, choose a stud mini-wing knob.

Of course, you should consider the size of the tapped hole or stud as well. The mini-wing knob must feature a tapped hole or stud in an appropriate size for the part with which you intend to use it.

Standard vs Offset

All mini-wing knobs feature wings. Some of them, however, feature offset wings. Known as offset mini-wing knobs, they still feature two wings. You can grab and turn the wings to tighten or loosen the parts with which they are used. Offset mini-wing knobs simply feature wings that are offset to each other.

Standard mini-wing knobs feature wings that are completely aligned with each other. Offset mini-wing knobs feature offset wings. One wing is slightly higher than the other wing. Some people prefer offset mini-wing knobs such as this because of their ergonomic, easy-to-use properties.


You should choose a mini-wing knob made of a strong yet comfortable material. Plastic is a commonly material used in the construction of mini-wing, as well as full-size, wing knobs. It doesn’t rust or corrode, nor does it degrade when exposed to moisture. Mini-wing knobs made of plastic will last a long time.

Even if a mini-wing knob is made of plastic, it will typically feature a metal tapped hole or stud. The tapped hole or stud is the part of a mini-wing knob that’s used for mounting. It’s often made of galvanized steel. Alternatively, the tapped hole or stud might be made of nickel-plated brass.

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