2 Types of Leveling Feet

Ask yourself these questions when trying to figure out the type of leveling foot you need.

1.) What is the leveling device going to be used for?

2.) Does the height of the machine need to be increased or does it need new support?

3.) Will the height of the machine need to be adjusted in the future?

The two different kinds of leveling mounts are tapped (female) and stud (male).

Tapped - Tapped The tapped style, or female, has a bolt head that’s part of the design. The adjusting shaft is part of the machine or a seperate part completly.

Typically they are fixed in position and have a lower range of adjustment. Made for heavy duty applications that are not going to be lifted or adjusted. They would most likely be used on a machine that has less movement and remains at a lower profile.

Stud - The stud, or male, is a threaded stud and is an integral part of the foot that are permanently attached to each other. Turning the leveling foot clockwise shortens it, turning it counter clockwise lengthens it.

They offer a great range of adjustment, and typically can be adjusted in place with the proper tool which gives a little more flexibility with options from the beginning. You can also customize the length of the stud to the machine that you are fitting it to.


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