Leveling Feet

Leveling pads are not to be confused with leveling feet. Virtually every appliance ever made has threaded leveling feet for easy adjustments. Washing machines must be level to spin and drain properly, and you certainly don’t want an unleveled stove or refrigerator.

Leveling pads are used when the machine being leveled needs to be isolated from vibration from the machine to the floor or from the floor to the machine. While leveling feet are almost always solid metal, leveling pads usually have a rubber or urethane pad at the bottom, which will provide grip to keep the machine from moving.

Leveling pads may be used instead of leveling feet when a floor may be scarred or marred by a steel foot. Industrial Machines are more likely use leveling feet.

Snaplock Pads

They can be equipped with a durable non-skid pad that utilizes a unique patented “snap-lock” system called the Snaplock™. It virtually locks the elastomer pad onto the leveler allowing for repeated movement of equipment or machinery without fear of pad separation.

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