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  • Did You Know? How Rubber Is Molded

    Did You Know? How Rubber Is Molded0

    Molded rubber is used in a variety of products. You can find grommets, gaskets, hoses, boots and countless other products made of molded rubber. It’s a durable, long-lasting material that’s incredibly versatile. Unless you’re familiar with it, though, you might be wondering how molded rubber is made. What Is Molded Rubber? The term “molded rubber”

  • What Is a Shaft Seal?

    What Is a Shaft Seal?0

    Shaft seals are a common component in machines and industrial equipment. Like all types of seals, they are designed to prevent substances — typically oil or other fluids — from leaking. A shaft seal will create a secure mating surface so that fluids can travel through them in a hollow passage. What is a shaft

  • O-Rings vs Gaskets: What’s the Difference?

    O-Rings vs Gaskets: What’s the Difference?0

    O-rings and gaskets are commonly used to create a sealed mating surface between two or more components. They are found in everything from machines and motors to plumbing fixtures and gas pipelines. When multiple components are joined together, an O-ring or gasket may be installed at the area where they meet. Once installed, the respective

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