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  • The Benefits of Vulcanized Seals

    The Benefits of Vulcanized Seals0

    Not all seals are made of a single piece of material. Some of them are made of multiple pieces of material that are bonded together. Vulcanized seals, for instance, are defined by their fused construction. They are made of multiple pieces of material, which are fused together with heat and pressure. Exposure to heat and

  • Comparing the 3 Main Molding Processes

    Comparing the 3 Main Molding Processes0

    Molding is a group of manufacturing processes that involves the use of a mold to produce objects and parts in custom shapes. Dies are hollow shells that are designed to support a liquid material. The liquid material, such as heated plastic, will fill the inside of a die, thus creating a new object or part

  • What Is an O-Ring Face Seal?

    What Is an O-Ring Face Seal?0

    O-rings are commonly used in many different manufacturing applications. Also known as a toric joint, they consist of a donut-shaped piece of elastomer material. O-rings are designed to seal the surface between two joined parts. Even when exposed to pressure, the parts won’t leak fluids. There are different types of O-rings, however, one of which

  • Did You Know? How Rubber Is Molded

    Did You Know? How Rubber Is Molded0

    Molded rubber is used in a variety of products. You can find grommets, gaskets, hoses, boots and countless other products made of molded rubber. It’s a durable, long-lasting material that’s incredibly versatile. Unless you’re familiar with it, though, you might be wondering how molded rubber is made. What Is Molded Rubber? The term “molded rubber”

  • What Is a Shaft Seal?

    What Is a Shaft Seal?0

    Shaft seals are a common component in machines and industrial equipment. Like all types of seals, they are designed to prevent substances — typically oil or other fluids — from leaking. A shaft seal will create a secure mating surface so that fluids can travel through them in a hollow passage. What is a shaft

  • O-Rings vs Gaskets: What’s the Difference?

    O-Rings vs Gaskets: What’s the Difference?0

    O-rings and gaskets are commonly used to create a sealed mating surface between two or more components. They are found in everything from machines and motors to plumbing fixtures and gas pipelines. When multiple components are joined together, an O-ring or gasket may be installed at the area where they meet. Once installed, the respective

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