The Benefits of Rubber Keypads

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Keypads serve as the central interface for many devices. They are commonly used in the defense, aerospace, consumer and retail industries. Each keypad consists of a pad or block of button-affixed keys. Pressing a key will send a command to the device with which it’s used.

While there are different types of keypads, many businesses prefer rubber keypads. Rubber keypads feature a rubber construction. They feature a rubber overlay that encompasses all of the button-affixed keys. What are the benefits of rubber keypads?

Water Resistant

Rubber keypads are water resistant. Rubber isn’t porous. It’s a solid polymer that’s able to repel water. As a result, most rubber keypads are sealed. Neither water nor any other liquid will reach the circuit board of a rubber keypad. As long as the rubber overlay remains intact, the circuit board will stay dry.

Key Travel Customization

The key travel of rubber keypads can be customized. Key travel is the distance that the keys must travel to achieve a full depression. Keyboards, as well as keypads, have a key travel. The higher the key travel, the longer the keys must travel to achieve a full depression.

Corrosion Resistant

In addition to being water resistant, rubber keypads are corrosion resistant. They may contain metal in the circuit board, but they don’t have any metal in their overlay. And the overlay is the part of a rubber keypad that’s exposed to the air. A rubber overlay will protect the rest of the keypad from corrosion.

Glow in the Dark

Some rubber keypads are glow in the dark. If you’re planning to use a rubber keypad in a dark environment, you may want to choose a glow-in-the-dark style. They feature a similar construction as other rubber keypads but with one subtle difference: the rubber overlay has glow-in-the-dark material. It will illuminate the rubber keypad’s button so that you can see them at night and in other dark environments.

Tactile Feeling

Rubber keypads offer a tactile feeling. You can feel the keys return to their original position. Pressing a key will deform the key. When you release your finger, the key will spring back up. Rubber keypads offer a tactile feeling such as this.

Custom Shapes

You can order rubber keypads in custom shapes. Not all devices require a square- or rectangular-shaped keypad. Some devices require keypads in alternative shapes. Rubber keypads are made of molded rubber. Therefore, they support custom shapes.

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