The ABCs of Rubber Keypads: Glossary of Terms

Rubber keypads are used in a wide variety of consumer and commercial applications. Consisting of a rubber pad with many individual switches or keys, they function as device interfaces. You can control a device by pressing the buttons on its … Read More

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Rubber Keypad

Rubber keypads offer a reliable and easy-to-use interface for machinery and devices. They feature buttons or “keys” made of rubber. With their rubber construction, they offer a high level of protection against moisture and liquids. At the same time, rubber … Read More

What Is Tactile Feedback for Membrane Switches?

Tactile feedback is a common feature with many membrane switches. All membrane switches, of course, consist of multiple layers. They are circuit-controlling components with one or more flexible substrates. The use of a flexible substrate is what distinguishes membrane switches … Read More

The Benefits of Rubber Keypads

Keypads serve as the central interface for many devices. They are commonly used in the defense, aerospace, consumer and retail industries. Each keypad consists of a pad or block of button-affixed keys. Pressing a key will send a command to … Read More