When Should You Replace Your Leveling Mounts?

Set of leveling mounts by Monroe Engineering

If you use leveling mounts, you might be wondering when to replace them. Also known as leveling feet, leveling mounts are designed to stabilize machines, cabinets, fixtures, equipment and other objects. You can adjust each leveling mount so that they are of equal height. And thanks to their anti-vibration pads on the bottom, they’ll absorb the shock produced by the attached object while stabilizing it in the process.

Leveling mounts, however, can degrade. Eventually, a set of leveling mounts may fail to stabilize the attached object. So, how do you know if it’s time to replace your leveling mounts?

Signs of Wear

You can inspect leveling mounts for signs of wear to determine whether they need replacing. When heavily worn, you may notice the rubber-like material on the bottom chipping or peeling off. Leveling mounts have anti-vibration pads on the bottom made of a rubber-like material. These pads can wear down, in which case you may want to replace the leveling mounts.

Corrosion is a sign of wear. Metal leveling mounts may rust when exposed to moisture or humidity. If left unchecked, it can eat through the leveling mounts. You may also discover that your leveling mounts no longer fit they are heavily worn. Leveling mounts have threading. When not replaced, this threading may physically wear down to the point where it no longer supports the threading of the object.

Material Options for Upgrades

You should consider the material options when upgrading your heavily worn leveling mounts. Leveling mounts are available in many different materials, including plastic, stainless steel, carbon steel, zinc and more. Each material has its own unique properties. When ordering a set of leveling mount replacements, choose a material that’s appropriate for your application. For heavy loads, carbon steel leveling mounts are a great choice. For humid environments, on the other hand, you may want to choose stainless steel leveling mounts.

Benefits of Replacing

By replacing your leveling mounts, you can rest assured knowing that they will offer a high level of stability and security for the attached object. Objects can often tip or fall over. If an object isn’t level, and it produces or is exposed to vibrations, it will likely fall over. Leveling mounts can prevent this from happening by stabilizing the attached object. New leveling mounts will stabilize the attached object so that it doesn’t fall over.

The Risks of Ignoring

Failure to replace heavy worn or otherwise degraded leveling mounts can pose several risks. When attached to a machine, they can contribute to costly damage. The machine may fall over, or it may simply produce an excessive amount of vibrations. If a machine falls over, it may cause injury to one or more workers as well.

A set of new leveling mounts is a smart investment. If your leveling mounts exhibit signs of wear, you should replace them. Just remember to choose the right type when upgrading.

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