5 Benefits of Threaded Tube Ends for Leveling Feet

Threaded tube ends

Threaded tube ends are designed to support leveling feet. Some objects may already feature threaded holes on the bottom. To install leveling feet, you just need to twist the leveling feet clockwise into these holes. Other objects, however, may lack the necessary threaded holes. You can still install leveling feet on these objects, but you’ll need to use a set of threaded tubes. Here are five benefits of threaded tube ends for leveling feet.

#1) Strong and Durable

You can rest assured knowing that threaded tube ends are strong and durable. While available in different materials, some threaded tube ends are made of glass-reinforced nylon. The exterior “shell” features nylon mixed with small glass particles. The threaded insert within this glass-reinforced nylon shell, in comparison, is made of brass. The combination of glass-reinforced nylon and brass offers a strong and durable construction.

#2) Wide Range of Thread Sizes

All threaded tube ends feature a threaded insert. After all, they are used to accommodate threaded leveling feet. Threaded leveling feet feature a threaded rod, which you can install in a threaded hole, such as a threaded tube end. When shopping for threaded tube ends, you can choose from a wide range of thread sizes. Threaded tube ends are available in thread sizes ranging from  3/8-16 to 3/4-10.

#3) Easy to Install

Installing threaded tube ends is a breeze. To install a threaded tube end, you just need to position it over a hole on the bottom of the object, at which point you can perform a light blow with a hammer. Gently striking the threaded tube end with a hammer will push it into the hole.

#4) High Weight Capacity

While small, threaded tube ends can support a lot of weight. Some of them have a 3/4-ton capacity, whereas others have a 1-ton capacity. Regardless, all threaded tube ends have a high weight capacity, which can be partly attributed to their strong and durable construction.

#5) Protects Machines From Damage

Threaded tube ends can protect the machines with which you use them from damage. Machines can sustain damage if they aren’t properly leveled. When turned on, machines may vibrate while potentially falling over. Even if they don’t fall over, the combination of vibrations and not being level will expose them to wear and tear. Threaded tube ends offer a solution. You can use them in conjunction with leveling feet to protect machines from vibration-related wear and tear.

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