An Introduction to G30 Chains and What They Are Used For

G30 chain by Monroe Engineering

Not all industrial chains are made equal. While most of them feature multiple metal links that are joined together, there are different types of industrial chains. When shopping for industrial chains, for instance, you may encounter G30 chains. What are G30 chains exactly, and what are they are used.

What Are G30 Chains?

G30 chains are characterized by their grade. Also known as proof coil chains, they feature the G30 grade.

Chains, of course, are often classified according to their grade. Grades represent strength. More specifically, the grade of a chain reflects the maximum amount of stress the chain can withstand without breaking. Chain grades use newtons per millimeter squared as their units of measurement. The higher the grade, the more stress the chain can withstand without breaking.

Features of G30 Chains

Chain grades include G30, G43, G70, G80, G100 and G120. G30 chains are the lowest, so they don’t offer the same level of strength as their higher-grade counterparts. But G30 chains still offer many attractive features.

G30 chains are made of low-carbon steel. They still feature some carbon content in their construction, but they are made of less carbon than other chain grades. With their low-carbon steel, G30 chains are resistant to rust and relatively malleable.

Common Applications for G30 Chains

G30 chains are not rated for overhead lifting. If you’re looking for a chain to use for lifting applications, you should choose a different chain with a higher grade. G80, G100 and G120 chains are all rated for overhead lifting. G30 chains, on the other hand, are not rated for overhead lifting.

Since they aren’t used for overhead lifting, you might be wondering what G30 chains are, in fact, used for. They are commonly used in the agricultural industry. Farmers use G30 chains to pull machinery behind their tractors. You can use them for pulling applications such as this, but you shouldn’t use G30 chains for overhead lifting applications.

G30 chains are also used to secure loads on trucks. In the logging industry, for example, they are used to secure logs for transit. G30 chains are made of steel. While they aren’t as strong as other, higher-grade chains, G30 chains are still strong enough to secure logs and other loads.

In Conclusion

G30 chains are low-carbon industrial chains with the G30 grade. The strength of a chain is represented by its grade. While G30 chains aren’t rated for overhead lifting applications, they support many other applications, such as pulling and securing loads.

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