Electronic Locking Cabinets: A More Secure Storage Solution

If theft is cutting into your business’s profits, you may want to invest in an electronic locking cabinet. It offers a more secure storage solution than a traditional locking cabinet. To learn more about electronic locking cabinets and how they work, keep reading.

What Is an Electronic Locking Cabinet?

An electronic locking cabinet is a heavy-duty storage cabinet that features an electronic locking mechanism. You can place products, inventory and other valuable goods inside of it. Once locked, it will protect the stored goods from theft and damage.

How Electronic Locking Cabinets Differ From Standard Locking Cabinets

The difference between electronic and standard locking cabinets lies in their locking mechanism. Electronic locking cabinets use a keyless electronic locking mechanism, whereas standard locking cabinets use a conventional keyed locking mechanism.

There are different types of electronic locking mechanisms, but most of them require the use of a PIN. You can open them by entering a unique PIN. Entering the correct PIN will disengage the lock, thus opening the front of the cabinet.

Benefits of Electronic Locking Cabinets

Electronic locking cabinets offer several benefits when compared to standard locking cabinets. Since they don’t require the use of a key, you don’t have to worry about getting locked out. As long as you remember the PIN, you can open an electronic locking cabinet.

Electronic locking cabinets are considered to be more secure than standard locking cabinets. This is because many of them limit the number of PIN attempts. If someone tries to break into an electronic locking cabinet by entering a random PIN, they’ll have a limited number of attempts.

Some electronic locking cabinets also support remote access. How does remote access work exactly? Even if you aren’t near the electronic locking cabinet, you can unlock it with this feature. Remote access typically works in conjunction with a secure mobile app. You can launch the app and then enter your PIN to unlock the cabinet remotely.

Choosing an Electronic Locking Cabinet

You can find electronic locking cabinets in different sizes. Some of them are taller and/or wider than others. The size of an electronic locking cabinet, of course, will affect its storage capacity. Larger storage cabinets typically support more stored goods than smaller storage cabinets.

Don’t forget to check the load capacity when choosing an electronic locking cabinet. The load capacity is the maximum amount of weight an electronic locking cabinet can safely support.

The number of shelves an electronic locking cabinet features may vary. Some of them only have two shelves, whereas others have three or more shelves.

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