Head’s Up: More Workers Needed in US Manufacturing Industry

sparks-1405851_960_720The United States manufacturing industry has experienced strong growth over the past few months. While it suffered some setbacks last year, the industry has since turned around with a positive manufacturing index. But there’s new evidence suggesting that the industry needs more skilled workers.

According to some industry experts, low-skilled manufacturing jobs have all but vanished. Consequently, however, there’s been a growing demand for highly skilled workers in the manufacturing industry. So, what exactly is responsible for this trend? And for how long will it last?

While there’s no way to tell what’s in store for the country’s manufacturing industry, we can look at some possible factors that played a role in the loss of low-skilled manufacturing jobs. Arguably, one of the most influential factors is the growing focus on automation. Low-skilled manufacturing workers are slowly but surely being replaced by automated systems and machines. Manufacturing companies have found that it’s cheaper and more efficient to replace their low-skilled workers with automated systems; thus, killing off many of the low-skilled jobs in this industry.

But that’s not the only reason why low-skilled manufacturing jobs in the U.S. are vanishing. While many companies have placed an emphasis on reshoring jobs from overseas back to the U.S., others are taking a different approach: closing their local factories and opening new factories overseas. It’s often cheaper for manufacturing companies to produce goods overseas, thanks in part to the cheap labor. Unfortunately, this means fewer low-skilled manufacturing jobs for American workers.

There’s still good news to come from this, however. Although there are fewer low-skilled manufacturing jobs available for Americans, there’s been a growing demand for high-skilled workers in the manufacturing industry. Even companies that operate with overseas factories often have their headquarters in the U.S. — and these headquarters are typically run by high-skilled workers. This, combined with the dynamic nature of the manufacturing industry, has created tens of thousands of new jobs for high-skilled workers.

The American manufacturing industry continues to evolve with each passing month. Current data shows a strong, growing industry that needs more high-skilled workers. It’s hard to tell where the industry is headed, but all signs point towards consistent, positive growth. So if you have the skills and experience, perhaps now is the time to seek a new career path in the manufacturing industry.

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