How to Choose a Tapered Knob

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Tapered knobs offer an ergonomic and effective way to control machinery. Also known as tapered handles, they are characterized by a diminishing shape. Tapered knobs have ridges that become smaller toward the end. While they all feature this same tapered design, however, they are available in different styles. Below are several things to consider when choosing a tapered knob.


What type of material is the tapered knob made of? Some of the most common materials used in the construction of tapered knobs include plastic, stainless steel, zinc and steel. Each material, of course, offers its own advantages. Plastic is lightweight and immune to rust and corrosion, whereas steel is more durable and offers a sleek, modern appearance.

Internal vs External Threading

Like with other knobs, tapered knobs may have internal threading or external threading. Threading allows tapered knobs to securely attach to machinery. Internal threading consists of a hole with threading wrapped around the inside. External threading, on the other hand, consists of a bolt-like threaded rod.

Insert Material

If you’re going to choose a tapered knob with internal threading, you should consider the insert material. Tapered knobs with internal threading feature a metal part known as an insert. The specific material from which the insert is made, though, may vary. Inserts need to be made of a strong material, such as brass, so that the threading will remain intact.


Something else to consider when choosing a tapered knob is the finish. In manufacturing, finishing processes are designed to alter and improve the surface of an object. Some finishing processes only offer aesthetic benefits. Others offer both aesthetic and functional benefits, such as additional protection against corrosion.


Not all tapered knobs are the same size. You’ll need to choose a tapered knob in the right size for the control application with which you intend to use it. The diameter will provide insight into the size. The wider the diameter, the bigger the tapered knob. Some tapered knobs have a diameter of 0.7 inches, but others have a diameter of 1 inch or more. Regardless, you can refer to the diameter to determine the size of a tapered knob.


Black may be the most popular color, but you can find tapered knobs in other colors as well. The color, of course, is a personal preference. Some people prefer tapered knobs in a specific color, such as the color of the machinery with which they use them.

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