Magnetic Catches: What Is Pull Force and Why Does It Matter?

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When building cabinets, you may want to use magnetic catches. They are magnetic latching mechanisms that will hold cabinet doors closed. Without them, the doors may not close completely. Some of the doors may remain slightly open.

You can use magnetic catches to keep cabinet doors closed. They all consist of a ferromagnetic pad and a magnet. But if you’re going to buy magnetic catches, you should check the pull force.

What Is Pull Force?

Pull force is a measurement of how much force is required to separate a magnet from a ferromagnetic object to which it’s attracted. It’s directly affected by the strength of the magnetic field. The stronger a magnet’s magnetic field, the higher its pull force will be. A strong magnetic field means the magnet will have a strong attraction to ferromagnetic objects. Therefore, you’ll have to use more force to pull and separate the magnet.

What’s a Normal Pull Force for Magnetic Catches?

Different magnetic catches have a different pull force. Plastic magnetic catches may have a pull force of 5 pounds, whereas aluminum magnetic catches may have a pull force of 6 pounds.

A pull force of 5 pounds means you’ll have to apply 5 pounds of pulling force to separate the magnetic catch from the pad. A pull force of 6 pounds, on the other hand, means you’ll have to apply 6 pounds of pulling force. Regardless, the pull force may vary depending on the specific type of magnetic catch. It may range anywhere from 2 pounds to 8 pounds.

Why Pull Force Matters Matters for Magnetic Catches

The primary purpose of magnetic catches is to keep cabinet doors closed. If the pull force is too low, they may fail to accomplish to this task. A low pull force indicates a weak magnetic field. And with a weak magnetic field, the magnetic catches may break free of the pads with which they are used.

If the pull force is too high, conversely, you may struggle to pull the magnetic catches away from their pads. The higher the pull force, the harder it will be to separate the magnetic catches away from their pads.

In Conclusion

You can’t ignore pull force when shopping for magnetic catches. Measured in pounds, it represents how much force you must apply to pull them away from their pads.

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