Marine Lighting: What Are Drain Plug Lights?

Drain plug lighting by Monroe

Have you heard of drain plug lights? They are a popular type of marine lighting. If you own a boat with a drain hole, you may want to invest in a drain plug light. Drain plug lights can illuminate your boat from underneath while subsequently increasing nighttime visibility.

Overview of Drain Plug Lights

Drain plug lights are waterproof light-emitting diode (LED) lights that are designed for use in the drain hole of a boat. Most boats, of course, have at least one drain hole. Also known as a limber hole, it’s used to release any accumulated water from inside of the boat. Drain plug lights are LED lights that can be run through a drain hole.

Drain plug lights leverage a threaded fastener to seal the drain hole. To install a drain plug light, you’ll have to remove the drain plug from your boat. You can then place the drain plug light over it, followed by twisting a threaded fastener into the drain hole. Drain plug lights come with a threaded fastener that acts like both a bracket and seal. The threaded fastener will seal the drain hole — just like a standard drain plug — and it will also hold the light in place.

Common Uses for Drain Plug Lights

With a drain plug light, you’ll have an easier time docking your boat after the sun goes down. You can position the drain plug light towards the bow of your boat. As you approach the dock, the drain plug light will illuminate it.

You can use a drain plug light for nighttime fishing. Many species of fish are attracted to light at night. Drain plug lights, of course, operate underwater. They’ll typically be completely submerged as they illuminate the underside of a boat. If you’re planning on doing some nighttime fishing, you may want to use a drain plug light for this reason.

What to Look for When Choosing a Drain Plug Light

The single most important thing to look for when choosing a drain plug light is a waterproof design. After all, drain plug lights are installed underneath boats. Unless they feature a waterproof design, they won’t last.

You should consider the power source when choosing a drain plug light as well. Most drain plug lights run on either 12V or 24V. Regardless, check the power source when choosing a drain plug light to ensure that it will work with your boat.

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