What Are Cylindric Retaining Magnets?

Cylindric retaining magnets

Magnets come in a variety of styles. While some of these styles are used in consumer electronics, others are used in commercial applications. Cylindric retaining magnets, for instance, are commonly used in the manufacturing and construction industries. They are made of the same ferromagnetic materials as most other permanent magnets, but cylindric retaining magnets feature a unique design that distinguishes them from the rest.

Overview of Cylindric Retaining Magnets

Cylindric retaining magnets are cylindric-shaped permanent magnets that are designed to hold or “retain” objects via a magnetic field. Some of them feature through holes for threaded fasteners. Others feature a built-in threaded stud. Regardless, cylindric retaining magnets are characterized by their cylindrical shape and their ability to hold objects in place.

How Retaining Magnets Are Constructed

Cylindrical retaining magnets are also known as pot magnets. They are constructed of ferromagnetic materials encased within a housing.

The housing serves several purposes. First, it protects the underlying ferromagnetic materials from physical damage. Second, the housing functions as a waterproof barrier so that the ferromagnetic materials don’t rust or corrode. Third, the housing helps to protect against accidental demagnetization.

Some of the most common types of ferromagnetic materials used in the construction of retaining magnets and other permanent magnets include the following:

  • Ceramic
  • Alnico
  • Samarium cobalt
  • Neodymium

What Are the Benefits of Cylindric Retaining Magnets?

Cylindric retaining magnets aren’t just ordinary, consumer-grade magnets; they are powerful industrial magnets that can be used in a wide variety of commercial applications. With their high magnetic flux density, in fact, cylindric retaining magnets are stronger than many other magnets.

Cylindric retaining magnets are compact. This allows them to be used in applications where other magnets cannot. You can place cylindric retaining magnets in machinery and devices. Even if there’s limited space, cylindric retaining magnets will likely fit thanks to their compact design.

You can find cylindric retaining magnets in different styles. Some of them are tall, whereas others are short and flat. The way in which they are mounted may also vary. There are cylindric retaining magnets that require a threaded hole for mounting, and there are cylindric retaining magnets that require a threaded bolt or rod for mounting.

Another benefit of cylindric retaining magnets is durability. As previously mentioned, they feature ferromagnetic materials within a housing. This housing serves as an outer shell that protects the ferromagnetic materials from moisture and physical damage.

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