President Obama Launches Textile Manufacturing Initiative

President Barack Obama announced earlier this month a half-a-billion-dollar investment to strengthen the American manufacturing industry. Specifically, the investment will focus on a new textiles-focused institute managed by the Department of Defense (DOD). While details of this initiative remain unknown … Read More

Crazy Ants Wrecking Havoc On Electronics

The crazy ant (Nylanderia fulva) is an invasive new species of insecticide-resistant ants with an attraction for electronics. While fire ants are troublesome enough, crazy ants really seem to have ecologist and environmental researchers worried. The Discovery of The Crazy … Read More

Volvo To Build US Manufacturing Factory

Volvo Cars announced this week plans to build an assembly plant here in the U.S. The Chinese-owned company said it will invest $500 million into the project, hoping to stimulates sales while creating more job opportunities for Americans. Car sales … Read More

Safety Tips To Follow When Handling Sheet Metal

If your company produces, transports or handles sheet metal, you should take additional precautions to ensure the safety of your employees. Some companies completely overlook sheet metal as a potential workplace hazard, leaving employees susceptible to work-related accidents. In this … Read More

Preparing Your Patio For The Spring Season

With spring just weeks away, homeowners everywhere are scrambling to redecorate their homes with cosmetic changes to prepare for the new season. Spring is all about a colorful revival of new life, and your home’s appearance should reflect this concept. … Read More

North American Mars Factories Now Landfill-Free

Candybar maker Mars has achieved its goal of sending zero landfill waste from its ten North American factories, raising the bar of sustainability for other companies to follow. The Virginia-based candybar maker announced this goal earlier this year, citing the … Read More

How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels?

One of the primary reasons why homeowners decide to install solar panels is to save money on their monthly power bill. As the world’s crude oil reserves begin to dwindle down, the cost of non-renewable power is inevitably going to … Read More