What Are Top Levelers for Leveling Feet?

Leveling feet offer a simple and effective solution for unlevel machines and equipment. Also known as leveling mounts, they consist of a pad-like base that’s connected to either a threaded hole or a threaded rod. After mounting and adjusting them, … Read More

Pros and Cons of Alnico Magnets

It’s a common misconception that all permanent magnets are either ceramic (ferrite) or rare-earth. While ceramic and rare-earth magnets are certainly common, alnico is a popular alternative. An acronym for aluminum, nickel and cobalt, alnico magnets are used in musical … Read More

What Are Inflatable Gaskets?

Not all gaskets are solid. Some of them are hollow to accommodate air. Known as inflatable gaskets, they offer excellent sealing capabilities. As you inflate one of these gaskets with air, it will expand. This expansion will help to fill … Read More

What Are Self-Supporting Hand Trucks

Hand trucks simplify the process of moving heavy items. Also known as box carts, they consist of a frame with wheels and a handle. You can place items on the bottom of a hand truck. You can then roll the … Read More

End Configurations for Compression Springs

Compression springs are characterized by their ability to compress and, thus, become shorter under a load. They consist of a single piece of coiled metal wire. When exposed to a compressive force, compression springs will become shorter while simultaneously storing … Read More

What Are the Best Casters for Shock Absorption?

Some casters are better at absorbing shock than others. When used on rough or uneven terrain, they will dampen vibrations and unwanted movement while simultaneously stabilizing the objects on which they are mounted. So, what are the best casters for … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Flat Screws

Not all screws have a mushroom-shaped head that protrudes out of the surface in which they are installed. Some screws have a shallower, countersunk head. Known as flat screws, they are commonly used in furniture, door frames and other fastening … Read More