Reasons to Choose Steel Leveling Feet

Steel leveling feet by Monroe

If you’re tired of dealing with a wobbly or otherwise level appliance, you should consider investing in a set of steel leveling feet. As the name suggests, they are “feet” that support leveling. You can adjust the height of the steel leveling feet so that the appliance becomes level. Here are some of the top reasons to choose steel leveling feet.

High Load Capacity

Steel leveling feet have a high load capacity. Load capacity represents the total amount of weight a given leveling foot can support. Steel is a strong and durable iron alloy. When made of steel, leveling feet can support heavier appliances and loads. Some steel leveling feet have a load capacity of 700 pounds, whereas others have a load capacity of 20,000 pounds. Regardless, they all have a high load capacity.

Protection From Rust and Corrosion

You don’t have to worry about steel leveling feet succumbing to the effects of rust and corrosion. Even when exposed to moisture, they won’t develop rust or corrosion. This is because most steel leveling feet feature a protective finish. They are still made of steel, but they contain a protective outer layer, such as zinc, to prevent rust and corrosion.

Stud and Tapped Versions Available

You can find steel leveling feet available in stud and tapped versions. Both types are made of steel, and they are both used for the same purpose of leveling appliances and other objects. The difference is that stud versions feature a threaded role, whereas tapped versions feature a threaded hole. You can choose between stud and tapped versions when ordering steel leveling feet.

Aesthetically Pleasing

There’s no denying the fact that steel leveling feet are aesthetically pleasing. They feature a sleek and minimalistic design, which can add an aesthetically pleasing look to the bottom of appliances or furniture. They can also blend well with the overall design of the item, providing a professional and finished appearance.

Low Maintenance

Another reason to choose steel leveling feet is because they are low maintenance. Thanks to their steel construction, they are strong and resistant to wear and tear. Steel leveling feet typically don’t require frequent replacements or repairs, saving time and effort in maintenance tasks.


Steel leveling feet are fully reusable. If you no longer need them on a particular appliance or object, you can remove them. You can then install the steel leveling of a different appliance or object. Their reusable properties make them an environmentally friendly and cost-effective leveling solution.

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