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  • An Introduction to Inorganic Antimicrobial Coatings

    An Introduction to Inorganic Antimicrobial Coatings0

    You might not be able to see them, but germs are everywhere. Studies show that a typical desk surface contains over 10 million germs. Aside from cleaning surfaces, though, there are other ways to stop these microscopic invaders from spreading. Surfaces, for instance, can be finished with an inorganic antimicrobial coating. Inorganic antimicrobial coatings offer

  • The Antimicrobial Properties of Silver

    The Antimicrobial Properties of Silver0

    Silver doesn’t just offer a lustrous and shiny appearance; it has antimicrobial properties that protect it from bacteria, fungi and viruses. You can often find pull handles, hinges and other objects made of silver for this very reason. With a silver construction — or even a silver coating — objects become antimicrobial. To learn more