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What Are Self-Supporting Hand Trucks

Hand trucks simplify the process of moving heavy items. Also known as box carts, they consist of a frame with wheels and a handle. You can place items on the bottom of a hand truck. You can then roll the … Read More

What Is a Drum Hand Truck?

Hand trucks are commonly used to move heavy objects in the workplace. Consisting of an L-shaped frame with wheels on the bottom, they eliminate the need for manually carrying heavy objects. Workers can stack the objects on the bottom of … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Stair Climbing Conversion Kits

Some hand tucks are easier to roll up and down stairs than others. Stair climbing hand trucks, for instance, are designed specifically for stairs. You can still roll them on flat surfaces. Thanks to their wheel layout, though, stair climbing … Read More

6 Essential Hand Truck Safety Tips

Hand trucks offer a simple and convenient way to move loads. Also known as hand carts, they consist of an L-shaped frame with a flat base at the bottom and a pair of handles at the top. You can place … Read More

How to Choose the Right Hand Truck

There’s no easier or more convenient way to move heavy loads in the workplace than by using a hand truck. Also known as a box cart, it consists of an L-shaped frame with a flat and wheeled base. You can … Read More