What Is a Drum Hand Truck?

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Hand trucks are commonly used to move heavy objects in the workplace. Consisting of an L-shaped frame with wheels on the bottom, they eliminate the need for manually carrying heavy objects. Workers can stack the objects on the bottom of a hand truck, after which they can roll the loaded hand truck to the desired location.

While some hand trucks are designed for boxes and other objects with a “flat” bottom and back, others are designed for barrels. Known as barrel hand trucks, they feature a slightly different design than their counterparts.

Overview of Drum Hand Trucks

Drum hand trucks are material handling devices specifically designed to transport heavy drums with ease. They consist of a frame with wheels — just like traditional hand trucks. The frame, however, is curved to accommodate the natural curvature of drums.

When inspecting the frame of a traditional hand truck, you may notice it has a flat back. This is because traditional hand trucks are designed for boxes and other objects with a flat back. Drum hand trucks, on the other hand, are designed specifically for drums. Drums are curved, so the back of a drum hand truck is curved as well.

Parts of a Drum Hand Truck

Most drum hand trucks consist of several basic parts. The frame is the main structure. It’s typically made of steel or aluminum and, as previously mentioned, featured a curved back.

There are wheels on the bottom of a drum hand truck. The wheels are typically large and heavy duty, allowing them to support the weight of an otherwise heavy liquid-filled drum.

At the top of a drum hand truck is a handle. The handle, of course, is the control mechanism. You can push and steer a drum hand truck by holding the handle.

Some drum hand trucks feature a drum cradle. A drum cradle is an attachment that’s designed to hold the drum in place.

Why Use a Drum Hand Truck

Rather than manually carrying drums, you should consider using a drum hand truck. It will allow you to easily transport drums without straining your back.

Drums aren’t just heavy; they are awkwardly shaped. Their cylindrical shape makes them difficult to carry. A solution is to use a drum hand truck. With a drum hand truck, you can place the drum on the bottom of the frame and then roll it. There’s no easier or faster way to transport drums.

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