The Beginner’s Guide to Adjustable Glides

Adjustable glides by Monroe

When moving furniture, equipment or other heavy objects, you may want to use adjustable glides. It eliminates the need to manually lift and carry heavy objects. With adjustable glides, you can “glide” them on the floor.

What Are Adjustable Glides?

Adjustable glides are height-adjustable pads with a smooth bottom. You can mount them on the bottom of objects, and you can adjust their height

How Adjustable Glides Differ From Leveling Feet

Adjustable glides are, in fact, leveling feet. They are a specific type of leveling feet that live up to their namesake by gliding on the floor. After installing a set of adjustable glides on the bottom of an object, you can push the object on the floor. Adjustable glides have a smooth bottom that’s safe to use on most hardwood, laminate and similar flooring surfaces.

Load Capacity

Like all leveling feet, adjustable glides have a load capacity. The load capacity refers to the maximum weight a given adjustable glide can support. If you’re planning to buy adjustable glides, you should consider choosing a load capacity to accommodate the object with which you use them. Load capacities for adjustable glides can range from 250 pounds to 500 pounds on average.

What Are Adjustable Glides Made Of?

Different types of adjustable glides are made of different materials. With that said, most of them feature a metal or metal alloy top and a softer base material. Zinc-plated steel and polyethylene are common materials used in the construction of adjustable glides. The metal top allows them to support heavy objects while also providing the necessary threading for mounting. The soft base, on the other hand, allows adjustable glides to glide smoothly on the floor without scratching or otherwise damaging the floor.

How Are Adjustable Glides Mounted?

Adjustable glides are mounted via a threaded stem. The top of them features a threaded stem. To mount an adjustable glide, you’ll need to twist it into a threaded hole on the bottom of the object.

Benefits of Adjustable Glides

With their soft and cushioned base, adjustable glides make it easy to move heavy objects. You can simply push and glide the objects on the floor. There’s no easier way to move objects than by gliding them.

Adjustable glides can dampen vibrations as well. When placed on the bottom of machines and equipment, they will absorb the vibrations produced by those machines and equipment. The vibration-dampening properties of adjustable glides can be attributed to their cushioned base.

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