Vibration Used in the Process of Sorting Fasteners

Vibration Used in the Process of Sorting FastenersAs the experts in fasteners, OneMonroe likes to share insight with our customers, such as how vibration used in the process of sorting fasteners. You might not know about it, but machines for inspecting and sorting fasteners require a smooth, constant flow to prevent stops and time-consuming handling by workers. Suppliers are always striving to improve the sorting and inspecting process.

According to a Fastener and Fixing Magazine article, vibration is the answer. Let’s talk about one of the leaders in vibration equipment and how it all works.

SKAKO Feeders

SKAKO has been manufacturing medium and heavy-duty vibratory feeders and screens since 1963. SKAKO says using vibration technology along with liners can provide handling with very little product damage. According to the Fastener and Fixing Magazine article, for small fasteners like nuts, washers, and short screws, the SKAKO Vibration CCE feeder, has a silo which helps keep them moving. This uses transport containers that have sliding gates at the bottom and this lets the fasteners into the silo without much work from a sorting operator. The silo can be changed to fit various containers.

A mechanical or optical level detector, located on top of the bowl feeder, allows a steady flow of fasteners into the sorting and inspection machine. For those larger and interlocking products, SKAKO has a storage (FVE) feeder, that comes in many of sizes, from 70 liters/125kg up to 2,240 liters/4,000kg. It loosens and separates the fasteners and sends them into the bowl feeder in a steady flow. A lift tipper driven on rails can also be used to automatically and safely put the products into the feeder. A lift tipper allows several stations to be supported at the same time and with less worker effort.

Inspecting & Reporting 

Working in conjunction with SKAKO feeders are fastener inspecting and reporting equipment, and according to a Blue Toad article, a newly designed laser and eddy current inspection system has been released by Mectron Inspection Systems. The Q-Series Flex machines have a new modular design and the ability for easy upgrades and serviceability.

The new Flex machine series has a common base and tooling package which gives customers with a two-laser system an easy way to upgrade to a six or eight laser system without having to buy a new system Customers can add eddy current if they want and a CCD vision camera with Mectron’s LED light ring illumination. They offer a new ergonomic design which provides a rack-mount-style computer, separate from the display and touch screen, which offers easier service and repair, and the latest in inspection and reporting capabilities.

Vibration used in the process of sorting fasteners can help improve efficiency, cost savings, ease of operation, and causes less damage to the products. If you’re not interested in the news and just need fasteners, Fasteners, Inc. in Denver carries a large supply of fastening products and systems perfect for just about every job. We’ve been in business since 1965. We know fasteners and we understand our customers’ needs.

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