What Are Sheet Handler Magnets?

Sheet handler magnets

If your job involves moving or handling sheet metal, you may want to invest in a set of sheet handler magnets. Sheet metal is typically heavy, and with its flat surface, it’s difficult to lift and move. Sheet handler magnets, however, simplify the process of handling sheet metal.

Overview of Sheet Handler Magnets

Sheet handler magnets are magnetic devices that are used to handle ferromagnetic sheet metal. Also known as sheet lifter magnets, they feature a handle connected to a high-powered magnet. After attaching a sheet handler magnet to a piece of sheet metal, you can grab the handle to move it.

Common features of sheet handler magnets include the following:

  • Quick-release lever to easily detach the sheet handler magnets from sheet metal
  • No electricity or power source required
  • Can be used to handle sheet metal vertically or horizontally
  • Available in different sizes
  • Powerful build-in magnet with a holding value of up to 300 pounds (depending on the type of sheet handler magnet)

When to Use Sheet Handler Magnets

Sheet handler magnets are designed for use with ferromagnetic sheet metal, such as steel sheets. Steel sheets contain iron. Iron, of course, is a ferromagnetic metal. When placed near a magnet, steel sheets and other iron-containing materials will be attracted to it.

You can use sheet handler magnets to lift, move and manipulate steel sheets without touching them with your hands. As shown in the photo above, the sheet handler magnets will provide you with a gripping handle. Once attached, you can grab the sheet handler magnets to move or otherwise handle the steel sheets.

Why Use Sheet Handler Magnets

Sheet handler magnets offer enhanced safety when handling sheet metal. Steel sheets often have sharp edges. If you grab a steel sheet with your hands, you may accidentally cut yourself. Rather than taking this risk, you can use sheet handler magnets. They will provide a safer and more ergonomic way to handle steel sheets.

In addition to their sharp edges, steel sheets may be hot. This is particularly true for newly produced steel sheets. Sheet handler magnets, though, will protect your hands from accidental burns. Rather than grabbing a newly produced steel sheet with your hands, you can attach one or more sheet handler magnets to it.

Sheet handler magnets can have a positive impact on productivity in the workplace. They will allow you and other workers to move steel sheets more quickly.

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