What Is a Music Wire Spring?

Music wire spring by Monroe Engineering

Have you come across music wire springs? If so, you might be wondering how they differ from other types of springs. Music wire springs are devices that are used to store mechanical energy. You can find them in a variety of sizes. Music wire springs, however, feature a unique design that distinguishes them from other types of springs. For a better understanding of music wire springs, keep reading.

The Basics of Music Wire Springs

Music wire springs are springs made of a particularly strong type of steel known as music wire. Also known as piano wire, music wire consists of tempered, high-carbon spring steel. In the past, most pianos were made of iron-based wire. In the 1830s, music wire began to replace this iron-based wire.

While music wire was originally designed for use in pianos — as well as similar musical instruments — it’s since found its way into other applications, including springs. There are now traditional extension springs made of music wire. They use the same method of operation as other extension springs. They are known as “music wire springs,” though, because they are made of music wire.

Benefits of Music Wire Springs

With their music wire construction, music wire springs offer several benefits. One of the greatest benefits of music wire springs is their strength. They are stronger than other types of springs. All forms of high-carbon steel is stronger than stainless steel. Music wire springs, of course, are made of high-carbon steel, making them exceptionally strong and durable. You can use music wire springs for high-stress applications without fear of them breaking.

Some people assume that music wire springs are susceptible to corrosion. After all, music wire consists of high-carbon steel and not stainless steel. While high-carbon steel is, in fact, susceptible to corrosion, that doesn’t necessarily mean that music wire springs are susceptible to corrosion. Many music wire springs are coated in an anti-corrosion material. You can find them with a zinc coating. The presence of zinc over a music wire spring will protect it from corrosion.

Music wire springs generally cost more than traditional springs made of stainless steel. Nonetheless, they are a smart investment. Music wire springs are made of high-carbon steel, thus making them strong and durable. At the same time, music wire springs can be coated in zinc or similar materials to protect against corrosion.