What Is a Tapered Knob? Get the Facts

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Industrial knobs play an important role in the function of many types of machines and equipment. They are mechanical components that allow workers to manually control a machine or piece of equipment. All industrial knobs feature a handle or surface. Gripping this handle or surface and turning it will engage with the machine or piece of equipment with which it’s used.

While some industrial knobs are smooth, though, others are tapered. Tapered knobs are highly versatile. They are used in a variety of adjustment applications. To learn more about tapered knobs and how they work, keep reading.

Overview of Tapered Knobs

Tapered knobs are characterized by a tapered design. They feature ridges on the surface that become smaller towards the end. You can use tapered knobs by gripping and turning them — just like most industrial knobs. Tapered knobs simply have tapered ridges.

Like all industrial knobs, tapered knobs are used with machines and equipment. They provide a mechanism for workers to control a machine or piece of equipment. Tapered knobs are distinguished from other types of industrial knobs by their tapered design. They have tapered ridges on the surface.

Tapered vs Untapered Knobs

Industrial knobs can be classified as either tapered or untapered depending on their surface texture. Untapered knobs may have a smooth surface texture, or they may a rigid texture. The ridges on untapered knobs, though, are typically uniform. In comparison, the ridges on tapered knobs become smaller towards the end.

Benefits of Tapered Knobs

What are the benefits of tapered knobs exactly? For starters, they are easy to grip. All industrial knobs require gripping to use. You must grip an industrial knob to engage the machine or piece of equipment with which it’s used. Tapered knobs have tapered ridges that make them easy to grip.

Tapered knobs also support movements in all directions. You can move them from left to right, and you can move them forward and backward. Other types of industrial knobs are more restrictive. Some of them only support movements in specific directions.

You can find tapered knobs available in different materials. The insert material — the threaded core inside of a tapered knob — is typically made of a metal like brass or stainless steel. The exterior handle part, on the other hand, is typically made of a softer plastic or polymer material. These are just a few benefits of tapered knobs.

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