Above Board Electronics (ABE)

OneMonroe is delighted to introduce Above Board Electronics, Inc. (ABE) as a new member of our extended family. ABE stands as a global provider of a broad spectrum of products, services, and solutions geared towards the industrial and commercial sectors focusing on mechanical, electrical, and electronic components and assemblies. This acquisition marks a significant expansion of our capabilities, enhancing our offerings to meet and exceed the diverse needs of our clients.

ABE's mission is to deliver 'The Right Products and Services... On Schedule... and at the Best Prices, for all of our Valued Customers.' This commitment aligns seamlessly with OneMonroe's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. As industries continue to evolve in complexity, ABE's resolve remains firm in providing effective solutions through all phases of business—from Design/NPI and First Article stages to Global Production. Their proven track record ensures reliability and excellence in every facet of operations.

At OneMonroe, through integrating ABE, we enhance our ability to adapt and respond to your needs effectively at every stage of the manufacturing process. ABE’s expertise and robust solutions portfolio empower us to offer comprehensive support and innovative solutions that propel your business forward. We invite you to explore the enhanced range of options now available with OneMonroe and ABE, designed to bring you success in today’s dynamic market.

Above Board Electronics (ABE)

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