CTI Aviation

CTI Aviation provides high-quality parts and components for helicopters and airplanes. As an AS9120: 2009 Certified Stocking Distributor, CTI Aviation stands apart from the competition through superior quality and exceptional customer service at competitive prices. We offer airworthy airplane and helicopter parts including hardware, bearings, landing gear, wheels and brakes, starters, generators, and auxiliary power units (APUs). CTI is also a distributor of environmentally-friendly aviation cleaning products.

We are a member of the Aviation Suppliers Association and have been in business for over a decade. Since January 2004, we have provided electronic components to customers everywhere, and our passion for aviation and aircraft parts gave us the desire to focus on providing the highest-quality helicopter and airplane parts. We consider ourselves mutual partners with our customers in the goal to get aircraft off the ground, fully operational, and safe for pilots and passengers.

We currently sell spares and electrical components for all types of helicopters and planes, both military and commercial.

CTI Aviation

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