Wisconsin Fastener Supply

OneMonroe is excited to announce the acquisition of Wisconsin Fastener Supply, a distinguished family-owned business that has been a staple in the industrial sector for over three decades. Established in 1985 as a modest two-man operation, Wisconsin Fastener Supply has evolved into a full-service industrial partner, serving a broad spectrum of industries across Wisconsin and beyond. Despite its growth, the company continues to be run by the original founding family, ensuring that their commitment to service remains as personal and dedicated as ever.

Wisconsin Fastener Supply offers an extensive array of products that cater to a diverse set of needs within the industrial community. Their offerings include driving bits and tools, electrical products, various types of bolts, clamps, fittings, o-rings, abrasives, and much more. Each product is selected to provide robust solutions and support the critical operations of their clients, reinforcing Wisconsin Fastener Supply’s role as a crucial industrial partner.

The core values and passions of Wisconsin Fastener Supply are deeply ingrained in their corporate identity. They champion the American Dream, emphasizing a commitment to growth, integrity, and a strong work ethic. These values extend to their support of troops and veterans, reflecting their dedication not just to business success but also to community and national well-being. With this acquisition, OneMonroe looks forward to continuing this legacy, offering worry-free solutions through true partnership, customized inventory, and a unique product mix.

Wisconsin Fastener Products