Assembly Workstation

Assembly Workstation

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CHALLENGE - American Ceramic Technology, Inc. (ACT) located in Escondido, CA was looking for ways to increase productivity and improve workplace ergonomics in the production of their SilflexTM radiation shielding. One of the manufacturing operations targeted for improvement was the installation of grommets in the flexible and heavy SilflexTM blankets.

The challenge ACT had installing grommets was dragging and positioning the blankets on the grommet press. SilflexTM blankets can weigh up to 200 lbs. and positioning of the SilflexTM blanket is critical to proper installation of the grommets. The original workstation was a wood table with a low friction plastic sheet. Dragging and positioning the parts was difficult and not a good ergonomic set-up. The leaning forward and pulling with twisting action was a risk for employees. Even a small blanket required two hands to slide on the old work surface.

SOLUTION - After investigating several options for an improved workstation, including an expensive air table, ACT saw the Rotacaster multi-directional wheel at a tradeshow. The 48mm Rotacaster looked like an excellent solution to the problem ACT had with installing grommets. Working with Monroe’s Rotacaster product manager and salesperson an improved workstation incorporating the Rotacaster 48mm wheel was designed.

The workstation was built by Prime Resource in Fullerton, CA using aluminum framing, Fath hardware and Rotacaster multi-directional wheels and spacers. The workstation design placed the 48mm Rotacasters on two inch centers for both the axle centers and wheel centers on an axle. This wheel density provides excellent load support, and very easy movement and precise positioning of the blankets.

The new workstation met all expectations for increased productivity and improved ergonomics. The need to lean, twist and pull has been completely eliminated. The heavy SilflexTM radiation shielding blankets are now maneuvered and positioned easily with one hand in all directions.

For more information on the Rotacaster multi-directional wheel, Fath hardware and how they may improve ergonomics and productivity in your workplace please contact us.

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